Chatting forever to find time for a meeting?

Meet Sama. An AI assistant that looks into everyone’s availability and finds the best times to meet.

Sama - AI assistant to find the best times to meet | Product Hunt

Sama suggests the best three times based on your history.

No more tiresome guessing what times work best for your meetings. Sama algorithm learns your preferences over time with no input required.

Easily customise your availability when you share it.

Drag & drop the suggested slots to where you like. Expand them into time ranges. Or simply delete and add a new one manually.

Simply copy & paste suggestions to your messaging app, Slack or email.

No more typing. Simply paste Sama suggestions and they will be neatly listed in your conversation. It saves you from switching constantly between chat and your calendar.

Recipients can see suggested slots in their own calendar.

If recipients click on your link, they can download Sama app and view your suggestions in the context of their own availability. They can confirm preferred choices straight in the app or they can simply reply to you.

Available on any device

Sama is designed for iPhone, iPad and even Mac. Currently iOS only. We are working to bring it to all other platforms. 

Coming soon

A scheduling network: invite friends to Sama and find mutually available times easily.

When your friends are on Sama, it can suggest times that work for both of you based on your availability and preferences. But it would never expose full individual availability. This killer feature is coming soon!

Our mission is to help people find time

We are only getting started. Read more about our story and progress in our blog.

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